Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suburban and Train Tracks

It's never an excuse not to look good even if you are sick or getting sick, specially when you are finishing up your Christmas shopping! Christmas is just right around the corner and I'm still not done buying gifts! I was feeling little under the weather, but needs to finish it up cause it is the only day I have off before Christmas. It's been 3 days since the snow fall and temperature is dropping but yesterday wasn't that bad wasn't that cold so some light layering did a good job for the afternoon commute. a shirt, cardigan and blazers did a good job with with scarf and fedora for the finishing touch.  I'm excited for Christmas, are you?? :D

Blazer by: Zara
Jeans by: Common Wealth
Shoes by: Dr. Scholls
Cardigan by: H&M
Shirt by: Free Press
Scarf by: John W. Nordstrom
Belt by: Banana Republic
Fedora by: Vintage

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seeing Double

ha! so I've been slacking in here but now I'm back!! and on the double! pun intended! I got this very unique cardigan from Zara its double breasted!! The color wasn't my first choice,I wanted in Navy but they don't have my size! so i settled for grey which is alot more easier to wear and very versatile. with this look I used dull colors than my usual fun and bright colors. Charcoal tie, plain white shirt, wool pants and navy double breasted pea coat. I made it fun with the right accessories!colored socks, sunglasses, scarf, double monk strap shoes and gloves. But with this cardigan you can actually wear it with bright colors too, as long as its plain colored tie and shirt to make it look more fun! ha! How many doubles are there in my outfit? :D

Cardigan and Pants by: Zara
Coat by United Colors of Benetton
Scarf by: H&M
Tie by: Hugo Boss
Shoes by: Too Boot New York
Sunglasses by: Rayban
Gloves by: John W. Nordstrom
Watch by: Diesel
Socks by Happy Socks.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Probably the best to describe this outfit! cause of all the blue thats going on with it! It's actually my favorite combination with my favorite blazer and tie! I just tried it for fun! but it turned out awesome! It got prints, patterns, plains and different shades of blue. Blue is my second favorite color so I might try to do the same thing with my first favorite color which is Orange soon!

Blazer by: Zara
Tie by: Bruno Piattelli
Shirt by: English Laundry
Pocket Square by: J.Z. Richards
Pants by: Dockers
Shoes by: Too Boot New York
Socks by : Happy Socks

Monday, November 18, 2013

Limited Edition or Designer Sneakers?

My favorite holiday is coming up! I can't believe how time flies, Christmas is just right around the corner! Some of my friends would love to get some sneakers for Christmas, I know I would like to  get sneakers too! ha! I'm a big sneaker fan! But not as crazy as some of my friends who got massive amount of sneaker collection! Most of them are limited edition basketball sneakers from Nike or Jordan.  But just recently some of them starting to like the designer sneakers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin. Theres a huge difference in price points, the Nike and Jordan retails $150-$200 on their release while the designers they retail $500-$2000 on the release. Now don't be fool by the Limited edition Nike and Jordans, due to certain amount of units they release some of their sneakers go for at least $300-$4000 at least that the highest I've seen from the resellers who were able to get their hands on some of them! Then designers, some of them came in limited amount of units too but some of their prices stays the same, BUT!!! people will know which designer it is and you will look good in it! because they got a distinct look to it or they will have their trademark on it like the red bottoms sole or their monogram patterns. Now the BIG question is what do you prefer to get for Christmas???Would you go for the classic Air Jordans? or fashion forward designer shoes? For me personally I'll take designer sneakers! hint hint hint to all people getting me gift for Christmas! haha!

Nike Air Yeezy $4000 
Air Jordan 3 and 4 Oregon Ducks PE $4000
Air Jordan Doernbacher 5 $1400

Photos from :
Note: Prices for the Nike and Jordan are from resellers.

Christian Louboutin $1695
Balenciaga Arena $675
Balenciaga Arena $675 

Photos: and own.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Das Boots!

My favorite purchase this year is this amazing boots by Dr. Scholl's. Ever since I got them from Nordstrom, I've been wearing them none stop!! The color is perfect for fall season, pair it with nice pair of dark denim jeans, or other colored jeans like dark forest green, rusty red, burgundy etc. Got both comfort and style! what more can you ask?

Photos: Own and from

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fedora Hat and Ice Skating

Winter time means! hot chocolate, scarfs, lots of layers and ICE SKATING!! The weather wasn't really that cold in the morning so a cardigan was enough, well at least in the morning. It was fun easy outfit I put on last minute before running errands with the family. I picked the mustard colored cardigan to match and compliment the leaves on the trees with a nice pair of jeans, white v-neck and boots to go with it!! And the most fun thing I wore was the fedora hat! I wore it yesterday cause I decided to give my hair a break from hair products! and bam! got lots of compliments from my whole outfit yesterday, which is pretty rare! My friends joked around and told me I look like a combination of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, which one of my friend said Brustin Timbermars! haha! Ended up the night skating at Bryant Park which is my first time with the coolest skating guru ever! Luckily didn't fall or land on my face! It was an awesome experience and will definitely do it again! 

PS: going to buy my own skate! the rentals was hurting my feet!

Cardigan: BDG
V-Neck: Nordstrom
Fedora: Vintage
Jeans: CommonWealth
Boots: Dr. Scholls


I rarely wear full suit to work, I usually just wear blazers, sweaters, cardigans or vest at work. So  I decided to wear suit  cause there's a big event at work and to look a little professional! Ha! Didn't get to take lots of pic cause work got a little busy! but I got that late night pic when i got off which quality sucks cause most of my pic were taken by my phone. I'm gonna invest in a nice camera next!

Suit: John Varvatos
Tie: Robert Talbot
Shirt: English Laundry
Pocket Square: JZ Richards


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Red Velvet

No not the cake or cupcake! It's Red Velvet Blazer! It's hard to pull off the velvet blazers, cause the blazer alone is loud already so everything has to be a little toned down so you can highlight your blazer. So for this particular look, I put it together with white shirt with little prints on them and a plain skinny tie, and a pair of khakis. But Ive seen people mix their velvet blazers with loud prints shirts and tie, some pulled it off and some didn't, but I might try it out too soon!! Think I can pull it off??

Blazer: Zara
Pants: AG Jeans
Tie: Hugo Boss
Shirt: 7 Diamonds
Shoes: Too Boot NY
Scarf: Softer Than Cashmere.

Photos: Own

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Something Blue

Blue! probably my second favorite color and all kinds of blue! Everyone has this one go to blazer or tie, that they can put together with pretty much anything in their wardrobe, mine happens to be the the blue blazer from Zara and the tie from Nordstrom. You can pretty much mix and match both of them with any shirts and pants! It can be with bold patterned shirts or plain, and pants can be with different colors from light to dark, opposite or different shades of blue. Pardon my face on the bottom right I was kinda feeling crazy that day! ha!! enjoy!

Photos: Own.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


What do you do when someone you knew your whole life is in town with his girlfriend and friends? You show them how beautiful your city is!! My friend is visiting from California, and I haven't seen him since last time I went to Cali to visit my grandma. One of the reasons why I love New York is because of the weather! You get to dress up according to whatever the weather throws at you! The weather wasn't the best. It was a little cold, chilly and with little rain, but that didn't stop me from meeting up with them. I just dusted off my light leather jacket, cardigan, scarf, and boots! And BOOM! A nice outfit for walking around the city, laughing and reminiscing the good old times and creating new ones with my friend and his friends!

Scarf by Softer than Cashmere.
Leather Jacket by Guess, Cardigan by Public Opinion.
Jeans by AG Jeans, Boots by Diesel.

Photos: Own.